Picking the Right Tiles for Your Kitchen

Nov 18, 2016


One of the most enjoyable aspects of remodeling a kitchen is that it gives you the chance to express some creativity. Unlike other rooms, here you can get away with using different tiles to get the look you want. Using patterns and different colors is ideal, and with the floor and wall space to work with, you can create a beautiful space. However, some practical thinking is necessary when you need to get the right tiling products. These steps will help you to avoid regret after buying tiles for your kitchen.

  • Mark all the spots where you will put tiles. You can only work out a plan if you know exactly what you want the kitchen to look like. Some people use tiles on their countertops, but common areas include the backsplash and below the upper cabinets.
  • Understand the differences between types of tiles. Some tiles can work for both counters and floors. The most basic rule is that floor tiles must always provide enough traction. Glass tiles can make attractive backsplashes, and they can be used on walls as well. For floors, good options are cork, vinyl, bamboo and ceramic tiles.
  • Know your tiling needs. With so many tiles on the market, you should know that some are more suited to the size of your family and your lifestyle. If you have young children, there is a good chance of the occasional spill so you need tiles that will not stain. Floor tiles should be able to stand up to heavy traffic if you have a large family.
  • Take a look at your budget. It is easy to make the grandest plans for the look of your kitchen, but at this point the budget will be critical. Will you be able to afford the tiles you really want, or will you have to settle for less expensive but still suitable options?
  • Will there be a backsplash? Most people can’t imagine having a kitchen without one, but the decision is not always simple. This will add to overall remodeling budget, with the cost depending on the size and style of the backsplash. Stainless steel and glass are among the more expensive options, and ceramic tiles are usually the most affordable.

Selecting tiles can be an enjoyable part of the kitchen remodeling process. This is another chance to express your tastes and to be more involved in the project. We will, of course, be standing by to offer our professional opinion based on our vast experience in remodeling. We will be able to tell you if we see a better alternative for specific projects.

Give us a call at 410-877-6112 or 302-793-9352 if you’re in the greater Earleville area and looking for kitchen remodeling experts. We’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation so we can begin the kitchen design process.

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