How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

May 22, 2017

Many remodeling projects do not go according to plan. There may be delays such as later delivery of materials, or there could be plumbing damage while the work is being done. Despite this, making over your bathroom is made easier if you  start by putting a plan in place. With a full scale remodel, there are so many decisions to make that you can quickly lose track of a few details. These tips will help you to make the right plan when you want to get a new bathroom.

  1. Think about who will be using it. The bathroom is a great place to soothe yourself after the day’s stresses, but for some people it is a challenge to use. Some elderly people, and the disabled will need special features to use the bathroom comfortably. In these cases you will need a floor that can handle a wheelchair or scooter and grab bars.
  2. Decide what a new bathroom means to you. You should not remodel a bathroom just for the sake of changing fixtures or changing the look. What are the current problems with your bathroom? Will new tiles or fixtures blend with your old bathtub or shower? Taking some time to think about the changes you want and need helps you to make informed decisions that will enhance the space.
  3. Craft a budget. Avoid putting yourself in a position where you plan to make certain changes, then find that you cannot afford them. Make a detailed list of the items you plan to buy, and list the prices so you can know how much you want to spend. When you add the contractor’s rate, you will have the full scope of the project costs.
  4. Measure the bathroom. Contractors take measurements before giving estimates, but you can measure your bathroom. This helps create a realistic picture of what you can achieve with the remodeling project. This helps you to work out the sizes of the fixtures the space will hold, making it easier to plan the look of the bathroom.
  5. Work out a schedule. Most people think of a bathroom remodeling project in terms of the start and finish dates. However, the time you spend looking for ideas, and sourcing materials and bathroom fixtures should factor into your overall schedule. You can add to that the time for any items you may be having shipped, or the wait time for the custom manufacturing jobs.

Effective planning minimizes the risks of delays and setbacks that could make the project more expensive. A bathroom project is different from remodeling other parts of the home. You need a contractor who understands the unique challenges, ensuring that the project pays off. Here at Sundance Homes, we strive to make the remodeling process as smooth as possible. We provide all types of remodeling services in Earleville and the surrounding area. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 to discuss remodeling your bathroom with us.

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