Prepare Your Deck or Porch for Increased Traffic

Apr 21, 2014

Sundance Homes, LLC

Spring and summer are always busy seasons because everyone loves warm weather. Everyone also loves to go indoors during very hot weather, so your porch or deck needs to be able to withstand the increased foot traffic these seasons bring. Today I’m going to discuss different ways you can prepare your deck or wooden porch for summer traffic using stains and paints.

Step One

Clean your deck or wooden porch. Use a pressure washer to make sure you get all of the dirt, grime, and old paint off of the boards. Make sure to let the boards dry at least 48 hours before you begin to paint or stain. Pressure washing pushes water into the wood, and the last thing you need to do is seal water inside the wood.

Step Two

Choose paint color(s) to use on the porch or deck, railing, steps, and accessories. Choose a slightly lighter color for banisters and railings so they really stand out and look amazing.

Step Three

Make any necessary repairs before you begin to paint. Repair loose boards, use wood putty to fill in chips or cracks that take away from the visual appeal of the wood. Repair any broken or loose steps.

Step Four

Protect the side of your home, doors, and anything else that you may get unwanted paint on while working.

Step Five

Paint the banisters and railing first. This way if you drip small drips onto the porch or deck, you can cover them with the darker color you chose to paint the deck or porch itself.

Step Six

Begin painting on an area of the porch or deck that you will not need to step on to move toward other areas. Continue painting in a consistent pattern until the entire porch or deck is covered.

Using Stain Instead of Paint

If you’re staining your deck or porch instead of painting them, follow steps one through four, replacing the word “paint” with “stain.” You’ll likely be using the same stain on banisters and railings, so protecting the porch or deck isn’t quite as vital. The key to successfully using stain is consistency. Make sure to stain each piece of wood equally to avoid darker or uneven areas.

Don’t Have Time?

That’s okay, many working adults simply don’t have time to deal with their deck or porch before summer kicks into full swing. Give us a call here at Sundance Homes, LLC, if you’re in the Cecil County, MD or New Castle County, DE area. We’ll be happy to give you a quote for deck repair, new deck builds, or for painting and staining because you don’t have time.

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