Pros and Cons of Installing Egress Windows

Mar 22, 2017


Egress windows are found down near basements and they provide an easy and safe escape route if there is ever a fire in your home. These windows also allow emergency workers to enter your home safely when they need to. Those two things are definitely a positive thing when it comes to these windows, but there are some drawbacks to them as well.

Pros of Egress Windows

  • Design – Egress windows no longer need to be lined with tin or metal. You can choose to line them with bricks, stone, or wood, so that they make your house look nicer on the outside. Since these windows are only used in emergency situations, you can also plant flowers in them for a little color.
  • Value – Egress windows can instantly add value to your home. These windows will bring your house up to code if you decide to add a bedroom or living space in your basement.
  • Light – Lots of natural light will filter into your basement through egress windows, so you will no longer need to sit in a dark and dreary space with the lights on.
  • Safety – As mentioned above, these windows will allow you and your family to escape your home if there is an emergency.

Cons of Egress Windows

  • Inconveniences – Installing egress windows can be inconvenient in many ways. They take a long time, there is digging involved as well as cutting out concrete and walls for the actual window.
  • Moisture – Additional moisture can be a problem, especially if the window well is not dug to the proper depth below the window. To ensure that your basement does not have too much moisture, you will want to make sure that your gutters drain away from your egress windows and that you have a basement drainage system installed.
  • Local building codes – Every town and city has their own local building codes and they are always different. It is important that you and your contractor are aware of the local codes and install your egress windows according to those codes. There is nothing worse than installing egress windows and then having to remove them and reinstall them, because they are not up to code.

Despite the drawbacks of egress windows, we recommend that people install them in their homes, especially because of the safety features. A little moisture and inconvenience is not as bad as the alternative of someone getting trapped inside your home during an emergency.

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