Redefining the Basement

Jul 20, 2015


Your mind doesn’t always conjure a lot of positive images when you talk about finishing the basement. Many people think about basements as murky, dark, and humid places. They can definitely be ominous, especially in the hands of a good movie director. However, real life is not always an emulation of what you see on the silver screen. Thank goodness, right?

Homeowners who have basements that aren’t finished, may have an opportunity to not only redefine how one thinks about this area of the home, but to transform things into an all new scope and level of design. It all starts with an idea, and builds into a flourishing concept of epic proportions. Today we’re going to talk about a few different ways we can help you finish and redefine the basement in your home.

The Man Cave

For those who have an empty basement and want to get away from the dull moments of working too hard, and putting on a suit, the man cave becomes a glorious idea. This is a place where men can watch, talk, and live sports. It could also be an area where a big screen becomes the life line to a world of great gamers, streaming their virtual worlds and connecting with millions. The man cave is a good idea and solution that you may want to pursue when it comes to finishing a basement.

Creating More Livable Space

Think about the square footage in your average basement. Some basements rival the square footage of the first floor in many cases. When you have at least 800 – 1,000 square feet of empty space, you have a world of opportunity to work with. Take a blank canvas and start to work with the elements that can come into play to create a livable, entertainment area, or a gaming area, with ease. There are a lot of inspirational elements that you can put into place when you are creating livable, discernible spaces in the basement, and it truly is a lot easier than many people think.

Finishing the Basement is Beneficial

There are long lists of benefits that come with finishing the basement. You don’t have to be tied to the notion of this being a place where Christmas ornaments go unnoticed, or where darkness reins and leaks are lurking and becoming damaging elements. Finishing a basement waterproofs things, and brightens up spaces that would otherwise just mold over after dust and debris settle in. Don’t let your home’s square footage go to waste. If you have a basement that hasn’t been finished, take time to balance the ideas that you may have, and get things finished and working into a whole new level of enjoyment.

If nothing else, consider that a finished basement could very well raise the property value of your home, even in hard economic times. It’s a great way to elevate your home’s value, while increasing the usable space that you have.

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