Remodel Your Finished Basement to Improve the Functionality of Your Home

Apr 25, 2016


Many homeowners overlook the basement as viable living space when they make plans to add to or remodel their home. So today we want to really make you think about the potential living spaces hidden in your currently finished-but-unused basement. Let’s start with the basic terms finished and unfinished basement; what does that mean, exactly?

The terminology for a finished and unfinished basement differs a bit from contractor to contractor. Some basic ideas remain the same, however. Here is how most of us view a finished vs. unfinished basement:

  • A Finished Basement – The walls are finished in drywall or something similar. The flooring is generally tile, linoleum, or carpeted, but can still be professionally finished concrete. The ceiling is finished with ceiling tiles, a drop ceiling, or something similar, not just bare joists with ductwork showing. There is access to electrical outlets and enough lighting to allow visual comfort.
  • An Unfinished Basement – May appear dark due to lack of lighting options. The walls are usually cinderblock or some other unfinished stone or block material. The flooring is either dirt or concrete without any special sealants, stains, or finishes. The ceiling is probably bare joists with ductwork and plumbing visible.

A finished basement is very easy to remodel to turn into livable areas in the home. An unfinished basement takes more work to finish before it can be turned into livable space. Here are a few great ideas to remodel your finished basement and improve the overall functionality of your home:

  • In-Law Suite – A small apartment is a lovely way to add functionality to your home while offering cheap or free living space for a loved one. This type of apartment is generally referred to as the mother-in-law suite, but it can also become home to your adult children who need an inexpensive place to live while between jobs or if they’re just getting started in life.
  • A Home Entertainment Area – Homeowners are taking the idea of home entertainment to an entirely new level. We see a lot of game rooms that include a variety of consoles and computers for gaming, and movie projectors attached to home theater computer systems for the highest quality digital picture. Many top that off with an amazing surround sound system for the perfect home entertainment room.
  • Lounge or Bar Area – Adults enjoy quiet time away from the kids, but sometimes they also enjoy loud time with other adults. A lounge or bar area is a great way to get together with other families who enjoy sports and having a few drinks and appetizers without hitting the local bar and grille.

We help homeowners choose the perfect use for their finished basement and make that visualization into reality. A fully functional basement with different zones allows the kids to enjoy the home entertainment area while the adults enjoy drinks, good conversation, and a good game. Contact our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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