Remodeling a Basement? Don’t Skip the Subfloor!

Oct 19, 2015


Flooring options available these days give contractors and homeowners a lot of flexibility. If you are working in the basement which is prone to dampness, you will likely be concerned about how this can affect your flooring. You might think that using one of the mold resistant products available means that subflooring is no longer essential but you would be wrong.

An ideal flooring option for basements is engineered hardwood. It is sturdy and has all the attractive features you want in wood floors. It holds up well in humid environments and is usually not affected by changes in temperature. Despite these advantages, you will still need to provide the right kind of support. The position of the basement makes some amount of moisture intrusion inevitable. So while some floors are moisture resistant, good sense dictates taking an extra step to shield your investment.

Putting down a sheet of plastic is no substitute for proper subflooring. Since concrete is porous some amount of moisture will get through. Since the plastic is not breathable material, any moisture that is underneath it will lead to mold growth. This might not reach your floor but it is certainly an unhealthy situation.

So what do you look for in quality subfloors for your basement? Like any other product for home renovation, these products are not all the same where features are concerned. Important considerations include:

  • Air circulation
  • Moisture resistance
  • Insulation
  • Ease of installation
  • Thermal resistance

You really can’t get away with picking the cheapest subfloor product to save money. Installation is another issue you have to be concerned with. To maintain energy efficiency the installation process will require sealing the joints. Remember as well that the subfloor is not the only thing that will go beneath your flooring. A waterproof membrane underlayment will provide more moisture protection and stability. With the right waterproofing in place, you can install tiles without worrying that at some point they will start to lift because the adhesive broke down.

In the past contractors had to spend a lot of time putting together basement subfloors. Now subfloors in panel form makes installation easier and cuts down the installation time. These products provide a barrier between any wetness in the concrete and the air inside the basement. This is important if you want your basement renovation to last, so talk to us about the incredible options available today. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352, or feel free to call or text our cell at 443-309-1206 any time to schedule an appointment for a consultation or to discuss your current project in detail.

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