Remodeling with Children in Mind

Sep 16, 2014


One problem some homeowners face later on is when they start having children and realize that their dream house is not really child-friendly. Even if you have the right number of rooms, you will find that you need to make changes to convert some rooms such as a bedroom or the living room to make them more appealing and safe for children. This redesign must also take into consideration the safety of kids in the home.

Tips to make Your Home More Family Centered

One of the first rules when remodeling or decorating with children in mind is to make sure you use material and finishes that can take a beating. A good designer knows what materials are best for homes with children. They will also be able to provide advice on child-proofing so inquisitive kids can stay safe. 

Walls: Your currently-well-decorated walls will oftentimes serve as a canvas for artwork. Older kids will pin up timetables and posters on their walls so the material must be able to take a pounding. In addition, kids will often throw balls and other objects against walls and this can leave marks.

Floors: If you have children, it should be easy to clean the floors with a damp mop. Wood, laminate, and ceramic tiles are great for busy areas in homes where kids live. White and other light colored carpets are a big no-no in areas where children have free play. However, throw rungs can be a lifesaver in cushioning little ones when they fall. 

Painting: The type of paint used must be able to stand up to a good wiping down, especially if small kids are around. Not only will dirty hands and feet leave marks, but small tots are sure to practice their creativity on any available surface using markers and crayons. We recommend a satin or semi-gloss paint that is durable and designed to handle some abuse.

Storage: Homes with children will need lots of storage. Making clever use of available space will be a big part of remodeling or designing a house where children live or where they will be frequent visitors. Storage will be needed for clothes, toys and other items. Consider built-in storage bins that will maintain a neat and tidy appearance.

If they have enough space good designers will make sure to give houses a lot of features that will accommodate the rough play that kids are capable of. They also incorporate lots of open spaces and windows that make it easy to keep an eye on kids as they play even if you are busy doing other things. 

Many of the builders here at Sundance Homes, LLC have families, so we understand the importance of building a home that will not only shelter your child, but will offer them a virtual wonderland of exploration. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to meet you and discuss your plans for building or remodeling your home to be more welcoming to children.

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