Replacing Your Entry Door

Dec 21, 2016


Even if you already have a garage door installed, you might be surprised to learn that it is not adequate for your needs. Factors influencing your choice will include the style, price and the material. The types of panels, the type of insulation and the wood type add a few more things to think about. Basic doors that you can get cheaply typically only last a few years. It makes sense to invest in one that is durable as well as attractive. Here are some useful tips that can tell you whether your door needs replacing, and how to go about choosing the right type.

Stock Types

These are not necessarily a no-no in the general sense. Some people might need nothing more than a plain, basic garage door. Usually they have no attractive design features in the panels, and no glass. Apart from the fact that they do not add curb appeal, they are not suitable for storm prone areas. Despite these concerns, they appeal to some homeowners simply because they are cheaper options. If you don’t have any need for a strong door, and you are not fussy about the look, a stock door will be enough for your needs.

Custom Doors

With custom doors you can not only have strength and security, you will also add another beautiful feature to your property. Now you can choose the right panel types and styles, and the glass inserts. You can complete the look with attractive transoms and sidelights. Transoms are generally made from PVC, so there is no need to worry about rot from weather exposure. Additional features like weather-strips will keep your garage dry in times of bad weather, and protect its contents. If your area experiences harsh weather conditions, you will need a storm rated garage door. Other important factors for getting the perfect door are:

  • Insulation
  • Safety
  • Maintenance requirements

If you want a more attractive door, you will find plenty of great products to boost your home’s curb appeal. You may also want to replace your garage door for practical reasons, such as the need for greater home security. Insulation is becoming a bigger priority for homeowners as it helps them to lower their energy costs. To sum it all up, consider your needs, and look at the garage door you have to determine if it is meeting those needs.

Give us a call at 410-877-6112 or 302-793-9352 if you’re in the market to replace your entry door and spruce up the entryway to your home. We’ll help you make the best decisions based on your home’s architectural style, existing colors, and the overall goal you have in mind.

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