Roofing Issues You Shouldn’t Overlook

Aug 17, 2015


When you walk into your dream home, you don’t always stop to think about future home improvement needs. You just breathe deeply; enjoy the moment, revel in the greatness of homeownership, realize that you are indeed living a dream, and enjoy the bounty of your hard work. Millions of people have experienced this somewhat-euphoric feeling of accomplishment. But over time, those feelings can fade as the home ages.

The home improvement issues can start to creep in, and you may be settling in for a long bout of difficult issues. Of course, some things are easier to fix than others, and that’s what will take priority. Amidst the many issues, though, don’t forget to inspect and look for roofing issues. If you forget, or overlook these, you could be in a world of trouble, and the costs could end up swallowing up even the most modest of budgets. As such, consider some issues that you should get fixed before they become catastrophic.

A Small Leak

The number one issue that you need to look out for is a leak. Leaks don’t always send lots of water into the home. They also don’t always come up in the most obvious of areas. Sometimes you will have to listen for the dripping behind walls, or in areas that you don’t suspect. The leak may occur near skylights, or near a chimney. A small leak can wreak serious havoc for you, especially if the water damage turns to mold or rot. Leaks, don’t start large, they begin very subtle and small.

Falling or Ripped Shingles

When the wind picks up, make sure that you are paying attention to your roofing. Look around your home, look at the roof, and make sure that shingles and pieces aren’t getting torn off or flying away. You absolutely need to stay on top of this, and when something occurs, get a patch, and call a roofing professional to ensure the job is done correctly. You don’t want to wait for a lot of shingles to start coming off and leaks or cracks to start forming. Mother Nature can be heavy handed when it comes to your roof, so be careful when strong August winds and rains come through.

Inspections Annually

This may sound like overkill for some, or unnecessary, but it’s an important thing to consider. Make sure that you get an annual roof inspection. This can actually diagnose and ensure that there aren’t problem areas. Don’t be afraid of this. Some homeowners assume that if you call an experienced roofer, they are going to immediately find or create problems so they can charge you. That’s not how we work here at Sundance Custom Homes, LLC.

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