Siding Choices for Your Exterior Walls

Apr 17, 2015


The siding is an extremely important part of a home’s exterior. As with the roof, it is important to know what choices you have when it comes to this product. Let’s look at some types of exterior siding for your house. At Sundance Custom Homes, we are well aware of the benefits of choosing the right type of siding for your home. We understand the need to use a product that is best suited to an area based on weather conditions and the design of the house.

Fiber-Cement Siding

For many homeowners, this is one of the more affordable options. The cost plus its versatility makes fiber-cement a popular choice as a siding material. A good construction contractor knows how to use this material to give the look of stucco, wood and even masonry.  Two great benefits of this siding material are that it is fire resistance as well as being termite resistant. Needing very little maintenance, your home will keep on looking good for years. The only drawback to using fiber-cement is that it does absorb moisture if it is not installed properly. Some suppliers provide high quality fiber-cement siding that can last for up to 50 years.


Stucco is not the easiest siding to use, but when the job is done well, this type of material will last for the life of the house. This type is ideal for ranch houses and Mediterranean and Spanish style buildings. The experienced plasterer can also do amazing stucco siding work on modern style homes.  It works well on large buildings that have a basic design. The cost is within the mid-range for this kind of material.

Brick Siding

For the homeowner who wants a long lasting exterior finish that requires very little maintenance, brick siding is the right choice. It can last for the life of the house with only a periodic need for repairs. Being labor intensive, the cost for installation is on the high end compared to other types. Installation costs are normally calculated by the square footage. Brick gives the homeowner a variety of design and color options which makes it a popular choice.

Contact Sundance Homes, LLC to get the help you need to get the right siding and cladding for your home. Our team of qualified professionals will recommend the best products based on the location of your house, as well as your budget. We will discuss your siding options in full detail, including using accent siding pieces to create intrigue and depth. You don’t have to use the same type and color of siding for every single area of the exterior of our home, after all.

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