Siding Options for Your New Home Addition

Mar 17, 2015


Many homeowners put off building a home addition because they’re worried that they won’t be able to match their new siding to existing siding. Our solution to that is pretty simple; don’t. Your new siding doesn’t have to match at all, it can contrast and create an entirely new look for your home. Today we’re going to talk about some different colors and types of siding that look incredible once the project is complete. Maybe you can walk away with some ideas for your 2015 remodeling project.

Siding Costs

We don’t want to focus entirely on the monetary aspects of this project because we all understand it’s going to cost money. In terms of siding, though, the least expensive siding for upfront costs is likely going to be fiber cement or vinyl. They’re usually very close in price per square foot. Next in line would be metal, and then masonry. Masonry materials aren’t that expensive but the amount of time it takes to lay brick adds a lot of labor time to the overall bill.

Don’t Match – Complement

Now that the money talk is out of the way, let’s talk about design and color choices. We’re sure you’ve noticed that some homes have one type or color of siding for the first floor and another for the second floor. For example, a dark red brick first floor with a tan second floor with white window accents on both floors and the front porch to tie the look together nicely. That style is fairly common in suburban neighborhoods.

Now consider your home for a moment. Let’s say your home is a two story contemporary, it has tan vinyl siding, a gray asphalt shingled roof, and you want to build an addition on one side. We’ll say the expansion is a single story room, maybe even a garage. You could use any type of masonry siding to complement the tan siding on the rest of the home or use a cedar-look siding with hints of tan throughout, and then paint the window framing a single color that pulls the entire look together.

Here’s a quick little color guide that may come in handy:

Original Home Color – Complementary Options

  • Tan – Masonry (brick, block, or stone), Charcoal Gray, White, Wood Grain, Lighter Tan
  • Blue – Light Gray, White, Pale Yellow, Lighter Hue of Blue
  • Gray – Blue, White, Tan, Any Shade of Gray
  • Dark Red Brick Masonry – Light Brick Red, Tan, Muted Orange, Charcoal

Take a trip to your local hardware store paint section or a local paint store and look at different paint chips or swatches. Find one that is the color of your existing siding and then start matching it with complementary colors. Once you’ve found something you like, discuss it with others in the household and give us a call so that we can chime in with our thoughts and ideas. We’ll help you with the entire process if you feel that it is too stressful. Give us a call at 410-877-6112 in our Maryland office or 302-793-9352 at our Delaware office.

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