Summer is almost Here! Is Your Deck Ready for Some Fun with Friends?

May 22, 2017

As the summer starts people start to think about the movies and going out to parties. For many, the party starts at home in their backyards. You can get even more fun out of your backyard if you have a deck.

Getting a Deck Built

On average, the cost to build a deck ranges between $15 to $35 per square foot. This can go much higher for larger, or multi-tier decks with elaborate design features. Deck building costs have also been impacted by the growing use of composite materials in construction. Consider the value of your house when thinking about adding a deck. You should have a rough idea of the maximum number of people you might expect to host. Consider the materials,, but think about long term value and the look of the structure.

Cooking Outdoors

Cooking outdoors is one way to get the party started in the summer. Adding a fire pit to the deck gives you a place for cooking, or can gather around the fire at night for a cozy setting. Most people who want to cook on their decks simply use a grill, which might be more convenient if you have a smaller deck. A permanent fixture in the deck might not be what you want.

Caring for the Deck

Every deck deals with a lot of foot traffic, not to mention constant exposure to the elements. You can’t have fun on a shabby looking deck, so proper care is essential. It might also need some work before the summer starts.

  • Clean up bird droppings quickly so it doesn’t leave a stain
  • Waterproof the deck to protect it from the rain and reapply the sealant when necessary
  • Replace damaged planks
  • Look for loose nails or screws and signs of rot
  • Sweep and wash the deck occasionally
  • Use only the recommended cleaning products on the surface
  • Trim nearby bushes and trees to keep them away from the deck
  • Move portable deck furniture every now and then to prevent discoloration of the surface

To make summertime entertaining easier and more relaxing, you can add a canopy to beat the heat. Deck lighting is essential for safety, and for anyone who will have guests over at night. Routine upkeep will ensure that you can have summertime parties on a sturdy and safe deck.

Here at Sundance Homes, we strive to make the deck design and build process as smooth as possible. We provide all types of remodeling services in Earleville and the surrounding area. Call us at our Maryland office at 410-877-6112 or our Delaware office at 302-793-9352 to discuss deck building, deck remodeling, or building an outdoor living area with us.

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