Take Your Bathroom from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Jun 22, 2016


You have probably seen a few bathrooms that look too amazing to be real on Facebook or some other social media site. Well, you will be happy to know that your bathroom can be just as fabulous. You can with some imagination and a good designer makeover your bathroom to be a tropical getaway or a futuristic design that shows your own sense of style.

Less is Definitely More

We’re in the minimalistic era, where less is more and simplicity is the new sophisticated. This new trend makes everything look like it’s worth a million bucks without actually costing very much. To obtain the minimalistic look for your bathroom, consider replacing a porcelain face basin with a crystal one. A simple glass shower door or a plain shower curtain also helps to create this simple yet elegant look. Neutral colors or colors that deeply contrast are also great for this type of style.

The Vintage Look

An unusual look for your bathroom that is beautiful is the vintage look. Victorian looking fixtures can easily create a look of luxury and opulence in a bathroom. Having a vintage styled bathroom creates the illusion of living in another time. Neutral colors and shades will help in achieving this gorgeous look. This type of bathroom is best for large rather than smaller ones.

A Tropical Rainforest

For a more creative look, why not go for a tropical paradise. Place a 3D print of a beach on the main all or place beach style motifs like shells as borders for tiles. Add a nice smoothing indoor fountain or use tropical colors of green, yellow and browns to give the bathroom a nice warm look. . The idea may seem crazy, but it works and the optical illusion of a3D beach will help you to enjoy your time in the bathroom even more.

Add Natural Lighting

A skylight is also a good idea for one’s bathroom. It helps to increase the amount of natural light that enters your bathroom. It also helps you to relax as you can look up at the sky while soaking in the bathtub after a long day. A nice relaxing bath with your favorite scented oil or Epsom salt to soak away the tension of the week, and a lovely view of the sky makes for a truly relaxing evening.

Introduce Whimsy

Your bathroom can be a whimsical, magical place, and it says more about you and your home than you know. So don’t be afraid to go wild and create your own personal whimsical paradise to enjoy. Consider adding fairy lights or hidden LED tube lighting to create a sense of mystical lighting from nowhere. Live exotic plants and unusual paint colors can also help add to the feeling of whimsy.

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