The Front Door Changeover

Jun 17, 2015


One of the coolest aspects of remodeling is that you aren’t limited to just one area of your home. As you start to look at ways you can improve and change your home, consider the front door and entry way. This is one of the most overlooked areas during renovations and remodeling. The reason being is because people don’t congregate in this area very often, it’s simply used as utility – a way to enter and exit the home and take off shoes and jackets. However, that shouldn’t stop you from considering a few unique changes. Start with the front door and explore various styles that could not only increase the visibility from inside out, but could improve the curb appeal as well.

The Single Door

This is the most common, and it’s not a bad option. If you want a solid front door, you can find that there are a lot of design choices to consider. The standard single door is not limited to just one size or type, however. You can have steel, fiberglass, or solid hardwood that is wider, taller, and more compelling than just your standard front door. The single door solution can also come equipped with interesting handles, locks, and stained glass windows if need be. Don’t limit yourself to just one ordinary option here.

French Doors

One stationary door with another that opens up, and glass accents come together here. Most homes don’t have a wide enough entry way for this, but you can remodel the entryway if your heart is set on that beautiful set of French doors you saw last week. You can add several artistic accents here, including paint, wood grain, and more. These are intriguing on a lot of different levels, and could definitely give an alluring touch to your front walkway.

Mixing Things Up with Glass

Some people want more glass with their doors. You can have glass coverage and shape that follows through various channels. Whether you want a single door, double doors, or something a bit more creative, you can add ovals, arches, circles, oblong shapes, or something completely custom. You can have full glass, quarter glass, or half glass if you want, or you could have a whole new framing that has glass to let light in, but still retain a sense of privacy.

The framing changes things up a bit. Depending on what kind of doors you want, your frame will likely need to change. If you want a larger walkway and entry, you will definitely need to open things up wider. Door styles don’t always fit within a “one size fits all” mentality. You could go to a hardware store and buy a new door, but the frame you have in place could be problematic. Let us take a look at your entryway to help you make the right decision regarding the doorway to your home. That way you can get the right creative door solution, and get framing that will fit the choice you want to make.

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