The Right Roof Can Add Style to Your Home

Mar 17, 2015


The roof is one area of the home that serves a useful design purpose. While you already know that the roof is important for protection, it can be so much more. Your contractor can help you to choose the right material based on the weather conditions where you live. However, when designing your home, the look of the roof can make a distinctive statement. So the right choice will include protection for the house, contents and occupants, and also beauty.

Types of Roof Designs

There are good reasons to go with either a simple design or a more complex one and it really boils down to your personal preference. When looking at the type of roof design, there are a number of things you need to consider. These include the overall style of the house, the amount of time you have to get the roof done and of course, the cost.  If you are unable to decide which type of roof best suits the style of your house, come to us for guidance. The number of roof types available means that there is something for just about any taste.

  • The pyramid design is ideal for small houses or house sections such as the garage. A beautiful thing about this type of roof is that it can be done in sections for different parts of the house.
  • The arched roof is very popular among certain house designs. This type is normally used for one section of the house to add a focal point.
  • The A-frame is very popular in a variety of settings and adds height to the home.
  • The shed style roof allows room for a variety of interior design options that aren’t an option with other roof types.

Not only can we help you decide on the right type of roof, we will help with the color choices as well. For example, we know that a Spanish style home works well with red and brick colored-roofs.

The type of shingles you use is also an important part of the roofing choice. Wood shingles add curb appeal and are not only attractive but also versatile. Rapidly gaining popularity are solar shingles which serve a dual purpose. They can generate energy, so you can lower your utility bills and end up with a greener home. Some homeowners are choosing standing seam metal roofing instead of the more popular options because they last longer and they’re very fashionable.

Life Span

The next time you are thinking of ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, or you are building a new house, take a look at the roof. Of course, it is also important that after you have a roof installed, you take steps to maintain it. Roofs can have a long life span; with many holding up for decades before any significant repair work is needed. When you come to Sundance Custom Homes our long warranty means that we have you covered in every sense of the word. Call us at our Maryland office (410-877-6112), our Delaware office (302-793-9352) or via cell phone at 443-309-1206.

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