Is it Time to Expand Your Home? Let Us Help!

Dec 16, 2014


When you buy your first home, you may already have ideas about what it would look like if it some rooms were larger. Homeowners have different reasons for wanting to expand. The most common reason is that a growing family needs more space. This is usually the preferable option to moving to a new home, but this doesn’t mean that it will be easy to accomplish. There are a few points to consider before making the decision to add another room or two.

How much you can spend

The size of your budget will determine the course of your renovation project, and in fact, whether a renovation is even possible. A number of factors will influence the cost of an addition to your home, such as your location, and the room you are expanding. When you are putting in a new bathroom or expanding one, you will have to think about the fixtures you will use. We can offer expert guidance to help you lower your costs and to make the right decisions for your budget.

Remember: remodeling the bathroom or kitchen can get pretty expensive if plumbing needs to be rerouted.

How much inconvenience can you deal with?

Make no mistake, a home renovation can prove stressful for some homeowners. The noise will be a problem if you spend a lot of time at home. It’s wise to have a plan in mind to keep your life running smoothly while renovating. If you are working on your kitchen for example, you will need to budget for dining out. Work on a bedroom will affect sleeping arrangements. This tells you that you will have to plan ahead.

Remember: the home addition will greatly enhance the overall functionality of your home. A few weeks of inconvenience will be well worth it and nearly forgotten within a few months.

Which contractors should you choose?

The success of your renovation project hinges on making the right choices, such as which contractor to use. Experience and skill count when you are dealing with an important investment like your home. Our builders will provide quality workmanship that you will be proud of.

Whether you are making an addition to your home or renovating an area like the kitchen, basement or bedroom, you can trust us to get the job done right. Don’t trust your home’s addition to contractors who are unable to provide proof of insurance and the necessary licenses. We will offer guidance every step of the way, so at no time will you feel like you are getting in over your head.

With a little preparation and understanding of what to expect, your home addition can be handled without any major hitches. Talk to us about your renovation plans, and we will help you to decide on the best way to go about your renovation.

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