Tips to Help You Create an Amazing Deck for the 2016 Entertainment Season and Beyond

Jun 22, 2016


Like the building of a home, deck building relies heavily on personal tastes. These versatile structures add curb appeal, provide extra living space and help you to entertain guests. With so many great ideas to choose from, your deck dream can quickly become a reality. You can build a deck that serves your needs for years to come.

  • Start online – Deck building comes at a cost, but you can find plenty of great design ideas online for free. With a simple search you can find many pictures of beautiful decks that can serve as inspiration for your own project.
  • Plan for your activities – your lifestyle will be a big determining factor for the look of your deck. Make a plan based on the kind of traffic the deck will face. Remember that the deck is not just extra space, it will be adding to your life. You must be able to decorate it and have enough room to do the things you enjoy. Decks can be divided into areas for cooking, seating or relaxing. So start by thinking about what you want to do and by making sure the deck will suit your needs.
  • Think about the materials – this is important because this will impact the life of the deck and how you maintain it. If you are looking for a low maintenance structure, composites may be your best option. This will be tougher on your budget initially, but it will pay off in the long run. Wooden decks will need work practically every year to keep them strong and looking good.
  • The view – what do you want to see when you are on your deck? Do you want a view of your yard, or the surrounding neighborhood? The position of the deck is also a prime consideration. This can promote visibility, enhance the view and increase your decorating options.
  • Let your house guide you – despite the many ideas you have available to you, complementing the style of your house is a good plan. However, you can go in the other direction as well. Consider the look of your house, and build a deck that has a different style, highlighting the fact that it is an outdoor structure.
  • Consider accessories and surrounding features – deck accessories like seating, furniture, and decorations can add a lot to the space. You can also build a paved area to act as a transitional space between the deck and the yard.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that your deck has adequate space. A small deck will suffice for a while, but then you begin inviting more friends to the weekend barbeque and suddenly half of your guests need more sitting space or more area to mingle. Consider building a multi-level deck off the bat so you’re much less likely to run into this issue.

The deck typically provides more enjoyment in the summer, so decorate with this in mind. Consider features like a pergola and planters to add a touch of nature. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss some of the ideas we’ve listed here or begin the planning process for your new deck. We’re located in Earleville, Maryland, and we provide all types of remodeling and building services through parts of Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Call us at 410-877-6112 in our Maryland office, 302-793-9352 in our Delaware office, or either number for services in Pennsylvania.

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