Understanding Your Needs for Short Term Disability Remodeling

Mar 26, 2018


The goal of disability remodeling is to ensure that the environment is suitable for someone with physical limitations. So while the individual has to adjust to a new or changing situation, the home must also be made to adjust. This ensures their comfort and independence. This generally applies to seniors, or people who become permanently disabled for some reason, but this is not always the case. People who have had major surgery, or who are recovering from serious injuries may need short term rehabilitation remodeling done in the home. This will aid in their recovery, and keep them from aggravating their injuries.

Short Term Needs Vs Long Term

It is wise to discuss your needs with a disability consultant even if the plan if for short term remodeling. The main difference is that short term planning does not require extensive design changes to the home. Even if a ramp is required for example, it does not have to be a permanent fixture. Wheelchair and scooter ramps are available for either rent or purchase. If your injury forces someone to use a wheelchair for a while, thought must be given to the widening of the doors. While this is important for mobility, it is an unnecessary expense to do it for all doors for short term rehabilitation. Concentrate on the areas the disabled person will need to access most often. This will help in lowering costs, which will help those whose expenses may not be covered by insurance.

Important Changes

Generally, injuries that require rehabilitation affect mobility to varying degrees. Even if a wheelchair is not needed, there may be need for a cane or crutches for support. If tiles are not slip-resistant, using rubber mats in a few areas might help. Instead of dealing with the expense of installing grab bars for toilets, renting a commode is a cheaper option. Shower commodes are also available for rent or purchase. Other items that can be rented for people with temporary disabilities include:

  • Lift chairs
  • Air beds
  • Stools
  • Leg rests
  • Over-bed tables
  • Bed rails

The length of time it will take to recover should guide your decisions on the extent of the changes you wish to make to your home for yourself or a loved one. Getting advice from a professional will ensure that you spend the money where it is needed.

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