Why a New Roof is a Valuable Home Improvement

Apr 17, 2015


Within a time-span of 15 years, the average homeowner will probably spend big bucks to remodel the bathroom and kitchen, and even the basement, among other changes. Sadly, the roof generally does not get the kind of attention it deserves until it starts to leak. New countertops and cabinets are more pressing, but there is good reason to have your roof checked, even if it seems to be in good shape. There may be a leak that you are unaware of until a major disaster. Plus, a newer roof will increase the value of your home.

Sometimes, when you are considering any kind of home improvement, you should think about more than your immediate needs. Even if you have no plans to sell, you can ask yourself, “What would be important to someone who wants to buy this house?” This will help to guide the decision making process. According to experts, roof and window replacement offer the biggest returns on investment if a home is being sold.

This is not meant to suggest that you should skip vital cosmetic improvements for the interior, or even the exterior. It is best to deal with an experienced construction company that deals with roof replacement as well as interior renovations. This company can help you to prioritize your home improvement needs.

Replacing Your Roof

Every homeowner should know the importance of regular roof inspections, at least once per year. Despite the fact that it is such an impressive structure, there could be hidden problems in your roof. An inspection will reveal any weak areas, and it will also tell you whether the roof should be replaced or repaired. The replacement of shingles is the cheapest repair job, and it can help the roof to remain strong. If, however, the roof is old, missing shingles could be a sign of greater problems.

It might surprise you to learn that replacing a roof is possibly the cheapest option in the long run. A roof that will hold up for years without the need for maintenance is better than having to do frequent repairs. A contractor will decide to reroof based on factors such as the age of the shingles, and the climate that the roof is exposed to. Putting in new shingles with old ones may not be a wise investment in an area that is prone to storms for example.

The bottom line is that investing in a strong roof is good for the entire home. It will protect the home’s interior, its contents and the foundation as well. Roofs tend to last for roughly 20 years, so if yours has passed 15 years, a full replacement is always a possibility when there are signs of wear. Call us at Sundance Homes, LLC to talk about your home renovation needs, and whether a roof replacement might be your best option.

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