Window Design Ideas – More Than Light

May 19, 2015


People look at standard windows as if they are all the same. Most people assume that windows are just a matter of letting light in, and allowing you to have a bit of a contrast in and out of the home. It’s always a nice thing to have, but design goes beyond the utility of treatments and glass. It’s easy to overlook window design, especially when you want function over fashion. However, there are a few ideas that can change your view of this, and get your home’s value to rise as a result. As you remodel, renovate, and change up the interior and exterior of your house, consider a few window design ideas that work well in various vantage points.

The Front Door

One of the ways that you can infuse more window options for your home is to utilize a different door style. An entryway that has multiple windows at either side could allow light to come through, illuminating a foyer, and give curb appeal a boost. You can work within several architectural solutions here. You don’t need to rely on basics here; the entry way you have can be expanded, and stylized. Test this option out and see how you can reinvent your front entry.

Bay Windows

Whether you want to place these in a dining area, or turn a space into a reading nook, bay windows can really offer a great deal of advantages. It can also give you a nice geometric storage option below seating areas. With the right window treatments, you could control the amount of light that you let in when you need it most. A cozy nook can really create alluring interior renovations. Inserting this window type into an existing floor plan takes a bit of work, but it can definitely have serious benefits.

High Windows

One option that you may want to look into is in regards to skylights. Skylights allow you to have a great deal of lighting in rooms with high ceilings. If you’re not keen on this solution, or don’t want to have angled options, consider having standard windows up high. This can bring in great light without having to let the world see inside. Ventilation from a high window or skylight can eventuate your interior design flow with relative ease.

A Wall of Windows

If you’re looking at a renovation idea that is really going to shine, consider a wall of windows. This can turn a living room into a sun room with ease. This is definitely an extreme, but it could very well give you a huge transformation. This wildcard solution is a grand option to consider as you start to think about window design ideas.

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