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New windows aren’t exactly the most exciting home improvement you can make, but they have a huge impact on your home. Installing new windows can lower your energy bills by up to 40 percent — plus, they have one of the highest ROIs of any home remodeling project. Those are some big savings! At Sundance Homes, we use beautiful, energy efficient windows for every replacement project. We work with homeowners to make sure they get the windows they need at a price they can afford. Call your local Sundance office to get a free estimate on windows today

Windows do more than provide a way for natural light to enter your home. Properly placed windows can lower your heating and cooling costs, improve the aesthetic value and monetary value of your home, and reduce UV damage to your window treatments over time. Replacement windows also improve your home’s security.

Let’s face it; new windows just make your house feel better. You experience less noise from the outside, reduced maintenance, and your home looks better inside and out. Couple this with new siding and guttering, and your home will appear as though it has had a facelift.

Window Replacement Costs

Whole house window replacement can be quite expensive, but is worth the expense for a variety of reasons including:

  • Aesthetics – Window replacement drastically improves the visual appeal, or curb appeal, of your home.
  • Efficiency – Heating and cooling are greatly affected by the type of windows in your home. Older single-pane windows are much less efficient and do not effectively seal in heat or cold. They allow the outside ambient temperature to affect the inside temperature, which makes your interior heating or cooling system need to run more frequently.
  • Reduce UV Damage – The sun’s rays damage blinds, curtains, and other window treatments. Newer windows reduce the amount of damage received by blocking UV rays.
  • Noise Reduction – Replacement windows help seal your home against the weather and outdoor noise as well. Double-paned windows consist of two layers of glass with a layer of air between, which acts as a sound barrier against outside noise.
  • Reduced Maintenance – Older windows often have wooden frames which need to be stripped and repainted over time. New windows are typically vinyl construction which requires very little maintenance.
  • Security – New windows seal and lock more easily and effectively than older windows. Improve your home’s security by replacing old windows with new ones.

The size and number of windows required play a large role in estimating costs of window replacement. Our replacement contractors have more than 20 years of experience in new home builds as well as remodeling and window replacement.

Personalized Touch

Sundance Homes, LLC Owner Jason Stanley or one of our Project Managers visits each job site often to make sure your window replacement is going smoothly. Personal touches and attention to detail are extremely important when replacing custom windows. Detailed edgework, trim, or intricate decorative woodwork must be handled by someone with experience. Our teams of dedicated carpenters and replacement contractors provide the experience needed for a seamless transition from old windows to new ones.

We proudly serve residents in and around Earleville, MD, and Cecil County as well as throughout Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We proudly stand by our services, and look forward to working with you to improve the efficiency of your home with a whole house window replacement plan. If you would like to discuss pricing options, materials, or just bounce a few ideas around, please call us anytime.

Thank you for your interest in Sundance Homes, LLC. Before you go, if you would like to see some of the whole house window replacements we’ve done, check out our gallery of past projects here. If you would like to see what some of our clients have to say about us, click here. If you would like to speak to us directly, you can call us at (410) 402-5298 , 302-793-9352, or contact us through our website by clicking here.

“ This was the 3rd time we used Sundance Homes and it won't be the last. I would recommend them for any renovation that you have planned or are wanting to plan. If you need advice or options for your plans , they are more than willing to go the extra mile.”

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“I try to use local contractors to work on our home , and decided to go with Sundance. We are happy we did. They arrived early, ready to work, and by the afternoon we had two new beautiful windows.”

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